The Armor To Success

We are driven, we are too lax. It is sometimes the propensity of the fall when we hit rock bottom that jolt us back to become more of the latter and less of the former. Why is this so? The utmost velocity of spiralling down can squeeze out even just a tiny bit of motivation and fighting spirit that you have. Catastrophically is how it is defined. The fall was catastrophic enough to do that much damage to your ego, your self esteem and your identity.

So now you contemplate. How easily it is for the human race to be crushed and how hard it is to put the pieces back together and put it up high as if it is whole. It can never be whole again but consider the notion that it could be replaced. Replaced with better parts or just replace it with a new one. What we always see is the damage. We are unaware that the damage is just the shield. What we should have made ourselves to believe is that underneath that shield is a new, gleaming and stronger armor.

Unintentionally, we have made an enemy out of ourselves through our own refusal to accept defeat as something good. You have then resigned to the fact that you are indeed defeated. But nobody ever says that when you are defeated, you are denied the opportunity to rise again. In this case, what then would you rather have in life, a gleaming new armor or a broken shield?


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