A Dream

It all started in a flash,

I felt that sudden rush.

A certain feeling within,

Where I have never been.

How could I forget those eyes

Searching where my soul lies.

Deep as if we’re in a trance,

Hoping for that one chance.

The first time I felt this way

I hoped that it would stay.

From all corners of my heart,

Wished that we would not part.

Though you’re just a dream,

Far to reach it may seem.

I’m waiting for that moment,

Time with you would be spent.

I’ve waited and I have yearned,

But bridges have been burned.

Chances that seem to be lost,

Changes are at the worst.

Tears of doom started to well,

Moments lost I could tell.

I just could not bear the pain,

To be close but in vain.

I asked myself how and why?

Can’t we give it a try?

But I can never have you,

‘Cos you’re a DREAM, that is true.

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