A Meandering Passage To A Hidden Alcove: The Lost Soul

A drop or two.

Tears started to streak on your face.

Blinded, groping, you headed yourself through the light.

Alas! You saw the light, it’s finally over. Panting, heaving, breathing heavily, you slumped to a rock. You looked around you, no traces or signs of the struggle. You’re finally free. That’s what you thought. Suddenly, you felt the pain. Striking, grueling, biting every part of your body. You shook uncontrollably and then you felt yourself running, again, fast, until you’re exhausted. You dropped down to your knees, you screamed and then everything went dark.

Your mind started to drift. Jumbled memories of maybe the past, the present or the future, you can’t really tell, came into view. You felt yourself as if you’re in a trance, a light feeling and then you saw him. You can’t help not suppressing the joy you felt. You smiled at him. A blank stare. Nor did he even look at you. What is happening? You started to panic. Why can’t he see me? He wouldn’t look at your direction. There he was, a solitary figure, head bent, shoulders slumped, a grave look on his face. You approached him, but then he abruptly stood up, walked away leaving you there, stunned and speechless. As you saw his figure slowly disappearing, you whispered his name, “I love you, please come back”. He continued to walk on, slowly disappearing until there was only you, standing, rooted to your place. You’re alone, he left and then there it was again. The pain! It’s suddenly creeping into your veins. You frantically screamed. You need to escape. You ran wildly as if chasing something like a mad man. Then you stumbled. Far, so far, you couldn’t even remember how long you were stumbling.

A voice, you thought you heard a voice. A man’s voice. Crooning, whispering something in your ear. You slowly opened your eyes. And you saw a face bending over you. A blurred face. Who are you? Hope started to well in your heart as you thought that it could be him. You heard your name. You thought it’s over. Drowsiness started to get into your head, you fell asleep and then.

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