The Unknown World

Taking the risks….Not knowing what will happen next…..Where will life take me?

Have you ever experienced situations like these? Situations that would compel you to make hard and big decisions. If so, what is the first step that you make? You decide on something. Whether if it’s for the best or for the worst. Why do we have to take bigger risks? Because we will get bigger rewards. Now you ask, how sure is this statement? Only you can answer that. Am I right?

You would probably wonder, what made me regard things like this? Well, let’s just say, I’ve been benefiting from different worlds different experiences that somehow made me think and act like how I do things right now. I know I’m still young to experience everything that I need to experience. And I’m pretty sure that the experiences I’ve gathered today so far constitutes only a minute portion of the entire experiences that I would probably get in the future. I am not pessimistic. It’s what we call self-preservation. Preparing one’s self from the destruction that he/she might end up. Well, that’s my meaning of it. I’m not expecting that things would be better for me when I grow old but of course, I can’t help hoping that really, somehow things might change for good. Who wouldn’t want a happy, contented and successful life? No one, right? We are all hoping to reap the best from everything.

I am not aggressive nor competitive. But really, you can’t help not being competitive in a world where you really need to be competitive. Not in the sense of trying to win the game but more on keeping yourself within the game. Surviving. That’s how it is. In the real world, you are literally on your own. That’s a hard fact. What exactly is this real world that I’m referring to?

My definition of it is the world where no friends or family could help you out in whatever consequence or test that you may encounter. Life is a continuous battle anyway. You lose, you win. There are no assurances. That’s why this real world may not sound as so real at all. Because for me, I may call it as the “real world” for me to be able to contrast it with the unreal which is the life that you wanted to live, meaning your dreams, aspirations, goals in life, but the truth is, this real world is what most of us commonly think and refer to as the UNKNOWN WORLD.


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