How My Passion For Art and Fashion Came To Be

It all started with having Barbie dolls to play around with. Yes, as simple as that. I learned the first lesson in mixing and matching clothes coming up with different styles that suit my mood as early as 8 years old. It was a typical childhood past time for me back then and when I was in high school and I could not play with the dolls anymore, I started drawing and sketching from clothes to portraits. I never took these hobbies seriously.

One summer, when I was back home in Bicol for the sem break, I scavenged closets out of boredom. I came across really fascinating old clothes with designs that could be dated back to the 70’s or the 60’s even. Vintage dresses so to speak.

I asked my mom who owned the clothes, and voila, they were all hers. She wore the clothes when she was my age, early 20’s. I asked her about the history of the clothes i.e. where she bought it, how much, etc. and was amazed to find out that she designed the dresses herself as that time, shopping malls and boutiques are scarce in far-flung areas or in the provinces. So my mom decided to just design her own clothes, choose the cloth for each dress and have them made through a seamstress or a dress maker.

Wow! So maybe being a fashion designer is in the genes after all. *wink*

The photo below is a picture of some of the dresses that my mom made and next to it is a photo of her in her early 20’s.

It was only recently that I made my own fashion design sketches too. Like the ones below.


And of course, my first model would be none other than the ever lovely Barbie. Yes, I still have use for them. Not for playing, though. But for something far greater than that.


As for charcoal sketching, it became my stress reliever lately. And the sketch below is one of my first sketches on a bigger canvas. This was also the first time I tried experimenting with the shadings using a charcoal pencil.


I never took them seriously before. Not until now when I had this sudden realization that not only are they my outlets for relieving stress and for spending my free time but I really should make good use of these God-given talents.

It is time I recognize them as blessings and for me to be able to share these blessings too.


4 thoughts on “How My Passion For Art and Fashion Came To Be

  1. Wow your charcoal sketch is just wonderful. You have a great talent indeed. Also love the old photo of your mom. Very cool. Fashion really appears to be your calling but I wouldn’t rule out “artist” either. Maybe you can pursue both. Thanks for following our blog.



  2. Thanks a lot Joey and you are welcome! Will try to be good on both if time permits. 😀 You and your wife’s collection of black & white photos are really stunning, by the way. Very classical. Will stay posted for more of your photos. 🙂


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