Why I Share



Yes. Inspirations solely come from how we see other people and what we see from other people – by what they share and by what they do.

It is neither for popularity, for awards, nor recognition that’s why I post and write articles in my blogs and websites. I do acknowledge the awards as a courtesy to those who have appreciated and recognized my works. My sincerest gratitude goes out to them. The same thing when I post photos and statuses over Facebook or any other social networking sites.  The ‘likes’ are highly appreciated but I just regard them as an added bonus to my main purpose – to SHARE interests  and thoughts, to make CONNECTIONS with people who share the same passion and ideas that I may have and ENCOURAGE those who don’t by giving them something new to learn, something new to try and something new to discover.

People have different interpretations of what they see. There are pros and cons when an idea is laid out in the open for the entire world to see. A single thought can spark a gazillion feedback and ideas. Yes, I am speaking of an issue going viral especially on the internet, nowadays. There are issues that fueled debates, some got conclusions, while some are still, yes – heated debates. A certain post, a certain idea, a certain action can either turn you into a hero or a victim of cyber bullying. That is why sharing will require someone to sum up great courage and patience.

We, writers, are often misunderstood. There are times when by sharing, we gain more detractors than supporters. But I take it on a positive and light note. It indicates that they have pondered upon your thoughts to come up with their own interpretation even if it means contradicting yours. It is, in fact, good. That is freedom of expression and it is everybody’s right. Democracy, in other words. The same way I have exercised this freedom through writing and letting the world know what I have in mind.

By sharing, you give your interpretation of the world to the world. You are giving another option for people to think about. The more options we have, the broader our knowledge becomes. When we think on a wider perspective, we become more accepting, more understanding, we learn to respect. Sharing what is good will harbour good responses. Sharing the negative ones will create a negative atmosphere. Just like what we see on televisions nowadays. Violence will foster violence and harmony will foster peace.

But it is not always the one side of a coin that people should know about. They needed to see the other side too. They needed to be informed, they needed to be warned. That’s when a writer starts trusting his/her instincts what is highly relevant from what is not and be responsible about sharing so as not to create a negative atmosphere and promote a negative value through his/her post.

At the end of the day, it is good to reflect on the comments, suggestions and insights of other people, the good and the bad ones. But at the end of it all too, you have to go back to the very reason why you posted that idea, that thought. It will refrain you from thinking negatively and reacting negatively. You have to remember that you needed to SHARE – to provide another insight, learn other insights too and INSPIRE other people.


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