That Moment of Pure Bliss

Today, I woke up doing my same old routine – feed the kittens, fix my bed, read the Bible and pray.

What was unusual with this day though was this – while praying, I cried. It can’t be my PMS as I just had my girl thing a week ago. Nor is it because I was tired yesterday. Or because I was sad, lonely, angry or any of those “feeling down” moments and “emo” days.

I think it was that pure bliss of having my quiet time alone with God. That time when I talk to Him as if He is in front of me, thank Him for making things possible, for the beauty of life despite struggles, failures and pain. That moment of deeper understanding why things happen, why you meet certain people and feel certain emotions with them, why you have to make certain decisions and do certain things.

But why cry over them? I had no idea at first. I just remembered thinking I should go over my Preparing for Victory and One to One booklets once again to reread what my VG leader, Sheryl and I have discussed to uplift my spirits. It was only then that the thought started to sink in – I was caught up in a whirlwind of events for the past weeks and months, to make me appreciate a lot of things in preparation for an event I almost forgot – March 2 and 3 are my very special dates with my Creator.

But then again, why cry on a Monday? It was God’s way of reminding me that it is supposed to be my week of quiet time with Him in preparation for this coming weekend. I was meant to cry today, according to His plans. 😀

Yes, God prepared me well, indeed. 😉

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