The Best Milestone

Victory Weekend 2013

This is how it feels to be spiritually renewed – my first. 🙂

I was never baptized. Even when I was young. Baptism a few months or a few years after babies were born is a common tradition in the Philippines especially among Catholic families.

I asked my Mom about it. Her reason as to why she didn’t let all five of us, her children, be baptized when we were young is because she wants us to choose our own religion when we grow older. A thought I never understood at that time, but I never cared much either.

My siblings and I, when we were young, would attend Sunday services at the Protestant church in our town which is the Bulan Evangelical Church. My great grandfather was one of the ministers of that church. Even until now, every time I get the chance to visit our town, I still attend services in our church with my grandmother, my siblings and my relatives.

But I have learned later on, that it was never about religion. 

Christianity is never about that. Rather, it is about having a deep and personal relationship with God. “Not just a one-time experience but a lifetime walk with Him,” indeed.

I believe that for you to know God, you have to go through a series of unfortunate events that will completely turn you around and leave you seeking Him with all your heart.

That’s what happened to me. I knew God already. I know about religion. I know about the bible. But it was the personal relationship with Him that I never had.

It was a total change of heart and mind for me. A painstaking process of constant reaffirmation of faith. Indeed, temptations will be at its peak when you are starting to seek God.

But it is a test of faith. That is where you start to build the foundations for your faith to make it firmer and stronger. I have found it hard to believe, at first, when things started to happen miraculously.

Yes, I can never think of any word that could ever explain those moments of disbelief, those moments of amazing surprises. They were never coincidences, nor signs. I would like to think of them, rather, as parts of His greater plan.

Having faith and building trust on God, alone, would be equivalent to letting Him be in control of your life – your decisions, your choices, your past, your present and your future.  We are merely actors of a movie under which He is the director and the supervisor.

What more can be happier than being at peace, being grateful and being joyful in and with His presence almost every day of your life? I assure you, it is the happiest. 🙂


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

Experiencing Victory

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