Teardrops On My Guitar – Not


Variation of a G Chord

“Music heals the soul.”

Yes, I know all too well how overrated this phrase may seem, but it never ceases to remind us what is the part that music plays in our lives. A BIG part it is, for me.

Just like art and writing, music can never be out of the scene. I believe art, music, writing, literature, poetry are all intertwined to create beautiful masterpieces depicting this – the aesthetics.

So, here comes my baby girl. 🙂



She goes by the name of Flicka. I named her after the 2006 movie entitled Flicka which is about a beautiful horse and a girl and the special bond they had formed through a series of challenges that they both went through. It was a very beautiful movie, both melodramatic and inspiring.

My brother gave this guitar to me as a college graduation gift way back 2006, supposed to be. But I never was able to graduate on time. So Flicka (my guitar), became my best friend instead. She has been my best friend for 7 years now.

She does carry some ‘bruises’ all throughout those years but like me, she has lots to say about those ‘bruises’ too. That is, if she can only talk or write. But one thing’s for sure, good stories they are, for the most part. 🙂


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