A Simple But Sweet Token

A Simple But Sweet Token

Look what I found this morning on my office desk (he wasn’t able to thank me personally because I had to leave exactly at the end of my shift yesterday and he has an after-work tutorial to attend to, this was what I saw first thing today)

– a simple yet creative art work/token of gratitude from one of my office mates (Thank you, Mr. John!).

Ahhh yes, simple things never fail to make my day bright and make me smile the sweetest. 😀

Thank You, Father God, for surrounding me with the sweetest office mates. You know how much I love having them around.


Just in case you are wondering what that one peso meant, we have an “English only policy” inside the school premises. Anyone who violates it will have to pay a fine of P1 per Filipino word. 🙂

* salamat – thank you

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