Mushy Like A Mushroom – Missing Home

Mushy Like A Mushroom: Missing Home

I stared at this photo I took in my home town in Bicol a few months back. It is a mushroom. That, I can tell. For sure you can tell. 😉

It is soft and pure. A haven. A refuge for those tiny creatures crawling on the ground.

I imagined myself to be that creature. I sought shelter in that white spot.

I thought about home. After 11 years, this year is the second time I wasn’t able to go home at this time of the month.

I miss home. I miss my family. I miss the salty, summer breeze, the twigs, the flowers, the ants – every single thing around me when I am there.

But that mushroom signifies my other home too – a pure and spot-free life like what Jesus had.

This mushroom reminded me everything I ought to be – pure and simple, amidst the grayness and rusticity around me.

And another thing too – to be mushy. Thus, this emotional article. 😀


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