The Quest In A Vast Space

The Quest: A Vast Space

Naguilian, La Union, Philippines (May 27, 2013)

If only the stars shone the brightest when I met you,
Then I can tell that they’ve aligned for me and you.
If only the skies were as clear and as vast,
Then I could have rejoiced gladly and at last.

But things suddenly changed,
Perspectives here and there were exchanged.
I didn’t realize too as days dragged on,
All the multitudes of emotions I have to ride on.

I could care less if the moments were never the sweetest,
Nor were they precious moments to attest.
But feelings I care not but for what I have learned,
I sure am glad how the cards have turned.

Yes, I did cry.
For yes, I did try.
Funny, how ironic life can be.
A happy ending is not usually what you see.

But should I always be the cynic that I always am?
With a fear to go through yet another sham?
But I hoped for gray skies to clear,
Moments I know I always will hold dear.

So when skies start to become blue,
Believe, for always, they are true.
For though I may have lost you,
Space tells me I will find you.

(Written by: Christine Lailani G. Ginete)

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