Art Exhibit: Donation For A Good Cause

'Sandaang Pintor, 'Sandaang Damdamin Exhibit 2012

‘Sandaang Pintor, ‘Sandaang Damdamin Exhibit 2012

“It is for the treatment of two sick kids.”

This was what my friend and former co-worker, Sigrid, told me when she asked me if I could donate some of my art works for an exhibit.

A donation for a good cause, I never hesitated.  An answer was given – YES.

‘Sandaang Pintor, ‘Sang Damdamin (A Hundred Painters, One Passion) is a collaboration of over a hundred painters all over the Philippines to raise funds for the treatment of two ailing kids, Zack and Zoei, sponsored by the UP Diliman Delta Pi Omicron Sorority where Sigrid is affiliated with.

Beside "Atlas" and "Banga".

w/ my “Atlas” and “Banga”

I donated two of my art works: “Atlas” (my first charcoal sketch on a big canvas) and “Banga.” It is a privilege to be part of a cause and be able to help in saving lives most especially of these young children.

I was able to attend the opening of the exhibit last December 6, 2012 at the PCPD Building in Taguig City and met my two great friends, UP DPO Sorority’s former Lady Omicrons, Tish and Sigrid, the rest of the Omicron ladies and other supporters of the event.

UP Delta Pi Omicron Sorority

w/ the UP Delta Pi Omicron Sorority


Manny O Wines




Chocos and Baguettes


Tish’s dear friend, Pat

The great news then arrived – someone bought one of my donated art works. I felt no more than a teenager who just got his driving pass. 😉

Happy I am, not only because I was able to help raise funds for the two kids but more on knowing that they will have greater chances of surviving.

This is an ongoing project and if you would like to help, please visit the ‘Sandaang Pintor, ‘Sandaang Damdamin website and be part of this very good cause:

From us, fellow supporters, our sincerest gratitude and join us as we pray for the wellness of Zack and Zoei. 🙂









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