A Kitty’s Tale

Peekah and Peekie (2 months old)

Peekah and Peekie (2 months old, when I found them)


Peekah and Peekie (4 months old)


Sleeping Princesses


Rise and shine little darling!


Siesta Time


Peekah: Sleep any way I want.


Got yah!


At the back of the apartment. Let’s catch that leaf!




Hey, what’s up?


Clean-up time.

Hi! My name is Peekah and this is my sister Peekie. It has been 7 months since our Mommy adopted us. We eat rice, fish and Whiskas and though we meow quite a lot before feeding time, Mommy makes sure we follow our eating schedule during 9AM, 1PM and 5PM everyday. We love to play hide and seek and wrestle with one another.

One day, Peekie and I got so carried away playing we started to mess around with Mommy’s plants. When Mommy got home and saw the torn leaves of her plants, she got so angry that she scolded us for disobeying and to discipline us. After that, we never played with the plants and inside the pots anymore.

We love our Mommy so much that’s why we obey her from now on and she loves us so much too! 🙂


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