Question: I’m A Screwed Up Hypocritical Pharisee — Is There Grace For Me?

Why do I have this hair-raising feeling that I am meant to stumble across this blog (awesome, if I may add)? Blog-reading in the wee hours of the morning is enough sign that today’s THE day to read this blog. So yes, I am sharing the articles that mainly caught my full attention – simply because I can totally relate. One way or the other. I am pretty sure some of you can too. Thanks, Pastor J.S. Park for this enlightening read. 🙂

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

So I have discovered that, I’m a hypocrite and a Pharisee. I ended up disappointing my pastor and my spiritual family with my dishonesty. I feel that I have no strength to face Jesus or my church because of my sinfulness. I am honestly confused with my faith and lukewarm in everything that I do. I want to turn and follow Jesus but I feel that I have crossed the line so now I don’t even know if I’m forgiven by God. What I’m asking is does Jesus really meet us where we are? Even Pharisees?


If I could talk to you face to face, I’d give you an awkwardly long hug and start from there. Please, please, please believe: God still loves you and He’s still rooting for you, and so am I.

I’m not just saying that. Your message shows that you’re owning up to…

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2 thoughts on “Question: I’m A Screwed Up Hypocritical Pharisee — Is There Grace For Me?

    • Indeed, what Jesus Christ did on the cross is what made us free. The Grace that will never surmount to anything that we have and do in this world.

      Thanks, Jalal, for sharing this too. 🙂

      Warm regards,


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