Bright and Bold

Tiny Butterfly

Tiny Butterfly

I often wondered how fragile these small butterflies are (only about half an inch big) and how fortunate I am to capture moments like this one seeing them perched on a leaf or a twig before they set off to their endless flights roaming around nature’s bounty.

As technology advances each and every single day, the role of each and every single thing in this world, living or non-living, becomes not just as a part of an ordinary food chain, food web, habitat or niche, but yes, as something to marvel at and celebrate its beauty amid the vast expanse of grandiosity and extravagance.

That is, as captured subjects underneath that lens – photography.

Yes,  mediocrity is where I intend to be bright and bold like this teeny, weeny butterfly. The mediocre – “peace and quiet.” 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bright and Bold

  1. I disagree that you are an amateur photographer; maybe, in the sense that you might not had been to a formal training on this, but this one is a masterpiece and how well you wrote about this photo too.


    • Thank you, Dr. Mosaid, for the very encouraging words. 🙂

      Yes, as a photographer, indeed I still have a lot to learn. My inspirations solely come from the need to share to the world my journey towards learning something new. I guess I developed the habit of always looking at things on a different perspective. 🙂


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