Ideas, Answers and Waiting

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Wisdom and knowledge are two different things. My small group in church led by our Victory group leader, Sheryl, shared a discussion on this two Sundays ago. Just to get to the basic definition of the two, knowledge is all about facts, wisdom is how you use those facts for good.

Nowadays, education is regarded by most as a tool to gain knowledge. My question is this – is wisdom being taught in schools as well? Or is it what most would say too – education happens everywhere. Learning so to speak. Or could it also be this – the school prepares, the society teaches. The school offers knowledge, society and life in general teach wisdom; theory for the former, application for the latter.

Concepts can be very passé. But time and circumstances can change them. I aim to educate people. I see myself doing more of what is in the photo below – extending educational services to those who do not have the privilege to be in schools in the future. I also am still in the stage of gaining knowledge to gain wisdom when I get the chance to be out in the field and apply them – prepare and equip first. The photo below was taken during our visit in the Badjao community in Davao City to observe how the community runs the Alternative Learning System.

Alternative Learning System in the Badjao Community in Davao City, Philippines

Alternative Learning System in the Badjao Community in Davao City, Philippines

But I have one challenge to myself and to other educators – the bible, THE book of all books. Didn’t you know that even for us, adults, more can be learned from the bible? I believe I need not ask because that’s a given, a stated fact. Yes, a lot of articles and books are out there to teach us about a lot of things. But the basic foundations of learning can be found in the bible.

A lot have interpreted the bible. A lot have quoted the verses. Some used it to condemn. Some used it to glorify. I have no right to judge and say who said it right, who interpreted it wrong. Because I personally believe they are all correct. I do, however, think that the bible was created to serve as our personal guide and as a reminder when we tend to be dissuaded every now and then from our good faith and in our beliefs. But it is still through God where we can gain greater wisdom. Read the bible, ask God in a prayer to reveal what He meant by those verses that you have read. Share your testimonies and experiences, back it up with the bible verses. In other words, pattern the knowledge acquired from the world through the bible.

Culture wise, it is difficult to incorporate everything – Christianity, scientific knowledge, and wise, practical ways into one bundle and be rest assured that all is learned. It is a constant dilemma, a difficult proposition, a challenging task. This is where I hope to seek wisdom, this is how I seek wisdom. Thus, I go back to the highest and superior mentor and teacher, I ask God. But God most likely will say – the first thing that I wanted you to learn is this – patience. Have that and then you will have your answers. They will be revealed to you at the right time.

Thus, I end this article, I keep quiet and I wait.  🙂


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