“To Long No More – Detach”

"Sitting Pretty"

“Sitting Pretty”

*This is the English translation of the Filipino poem I created and posted earlier which was entitled “Pag-iingat sa Pangungulila.” Never had an idea that translating a Filipino poem can be this challenging making sure I do not lose the essence of the original poem. I hope I translated it well.

P. S.

The photo I attached in this post reminded me to translate the Filipino poem – which is what I did just now. Two words entered my mind upon seeing the sitting boy: detached and languid. Thus, the title. 🙂



I saw in you,

Happiness that is true.

But not afterwards,

When turned were the cards.

Circumstances arise,

Painful was the price.

Why it could possibly be,

Turn out this bad to see?

Now you tremble,

Looking at the rubble.

Shed tears that flow,

Sadness begin to grow.

Beautiful days are gone,

Hoping more could be done.

But you had to let go,

Good things await by doing so.

A promise made,

Memories will fade.

Soon you will see,

The good in letting things be.

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