Isko Operations 2013 (Typhoon Maring)

I prayed for Mr. Sun. 

Like the picture below. But just like the picture too, it is a gray sun – still not sunny.

Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun

But I cannot let it dampen my spirits, can I? 🙂

So yes, the rain poured and out I was with one of my best college buddies to help out in the Isko Operations held at UP Diliman. We helped in the packing of canned goods, water, medicine, clothes, and food that will be deployed in areas here in Manila and neighboring provinces that were flooded due to the heavy rains brought about by typhoon Maring.

Isko Ops 2013

Isko Ops 2013

It’s just been an hour since I got back from the relief ops and I can feel my aching limbs, stiff fingers and shaking knees as I was typing but it is all worth it.

It is all worth it.

I thank God for all the volunteers and to the volunteers too who helped in the relief operations as well as to those who sent in their donations. Indeed, in times like these, that one Filipino trait keeps us all together, “bayanihan” (camaraderie).

Please continue praying for those who were affected and please pray for the deployment volunteers as well who also risked their lives helping everyone to safety.

This has been my second time to volunteer in the Isko Ops, I believe I will be doing it regularly from now on. Looks like I will be having my New Year’s resolution as early as now. 😉


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