Writing on “Dear John”


I got hold of a copy of this movie last year, but for a reason that I know not, I got to watch it just now while rummaging through my “not yet seen” list of movies for the coming long weekend.  Maybe God has intended for me to watch it this time. And by the way, it is the only movie that I wasn’t able to watch from my compilation. 🙂

So yes, this article is going to be 3 years late as this movie was released year 2010. This will not be a review (I don’t usually do reviews because I am not good at it) but I just want to share my personal insights about  the movie.

I love it.

The plot is well-crafted. Simple, direct and well-carried out. The story is written by none other than one of the famous contemporary American novelists, Nicholas Sparks. The movie is an adaptation of his novel, Dear John. The love story between a military guy and a girl who came from a rich family may sound a bit typical but the story still has its own unique theme as there is no antagonist. Conflicts were mainly derived from the couples’ decisions (John’s decision to enlist in the war in Afghanistan leaving Savannah behind and Savannah’s engagement to Tim) and time.

Savannah’s wanting to be a Special Education practitioner was one of the deciding factors why she married Tim (who was later diagnosed with cancer and died) and be a mom to Tim’s son, Alan, who has autism. John’s dad is also “special” in a way being reclusive and has this particular interest, almost obsessive, in collecting coins especially mules.

Why do I love it?

I like the smooth transition of the scenes in the movie. There are no dragging scenes and the setting constantly changes from one setting to another. The particular scene that I love in the movie would be the part wherein Savannah played the “Little House” song to John. I didn’t know that Amanda Seyfried can really sing and play the guitar so well. Here’s a thing too – she wrote the song, herself. (I hope I can compose songs as good as her – wishful thinking.)  *wink* Pretty perfect for a girl, isn’t she? She can act, sing, compose songs, play the guitar and she is adorably good-looking.

Now, I should not be leaving all the compliments to Amanda, should I? 😉 Yes, the reason I chose the movie is because the lead actor is none other than one of my favorite Hollywood actors second to Benjamin Barnes – Channing Tatum. Channing just has this particular charm – sort of an enigma that captivates me every time I see him. Well yes, I can’t deny that he is really gorgeous. I first saw him in the Step Up movie. Quite an awesome dancer! A complete package too. No wonder he and Amanda pair so perfectly well. If I am to rate the movie, I am going to give it 4 stars out of 5.

I also love all the soundtracks in the movie. My next goal is to get hold of the album containing all the movie’s soundtracks. Too early for my birthday’s wishlist, I know, but my wish might be granted earlier than expected. 🙂

In the meantime, here are some soundtracks from the movie that I was able to search over YouTube and would like to share with you. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I suggest you watch it.

Enjoy and get ready to fall in love. 😉


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