Heart to Heart

"Bible Heart"

“Bible Heart”

And I said:

“So he is a flirt. And you fell for his charms. Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness when he flirts with other girls even when you are already a couple? How long are you willing to take it further when you two got married and you found out his mistress is having his baby – and she is not the only one?

Complicated, it is. Is this the kind of life you wanted for yourself and your future children?”


So I continued:

“When an inner voice tells you that something is not quite right and when you ask yourself where did you go wrong, that inner voice is the Holy Spirit telling you to REPENT for your sins.

You just cannot go on sinning and then keep on asking God to forgive you. That is not the way things go. That is not what the CROSS meant and why Jesus died for us.

Believe me. I went through the same thing.”

So what now?

“SURRENDER it all to God. Cut him loose. Pray for him. Pray for yourself. Talk to God.”

What if he asks for another chance? Should I give in?

“NO. It is not your battle anymore but God’s. His chances are with God and not with you. You cannot change him. Let God change him for who and how He wants him to be.”

I don’t think I can let him go just like that. I love him.

“Ask God if that is the kind of love that He wants you to have. If you don’t feel right about it, when you are constantly hurt, then ask God to lead you. God would never want to see us crying, to see us broken. He would not send His son, Jesus Christ, to this world and let Him die on the cross if He doesn’t love us.

On the other hand, God wants to protect us from anything evil, from anything that would break us apart, from anything that is unholy. He knows you can get out of that situation. He gave us CHOICES. And as cliché as this may sound, our choices define our destiny in life.

You need not ask yourself if you are going to choose him or Him. It should ALWAYS be Him. Above everything else.”

What are the promises I will feel better afterwards, that I can move on from this and that my life will change for good?

“That is why God taught us things such as FAITH and TRUST. They are the only two things that we can offer to Him in return. Seek Him more.

Life as a Christian, no matter how devoted you are, will never be that smooth sailing. Never forget that there is that other side of the coin, always – the good, the evil; the strong, the weak; etc.

But then again, you have your CHOICES, your FAITH and your TRUST in Him. You should never worry.”

So I thought to myself:

“We may have our battered hearts but never should our souls be tormented. They were meant to be pure, to be holy – untainted.”

So the reader said:

“But we are never perfect. Even the Christians.”

Then I guess you need to read the article again. 😉

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