Together, Forever

Couple Butterflies

Couple Butterflies

I am always a big fan of anything extraordinaire. Though a male and female pair in the Kingdom Animalia is far too common, I find it extraordinary to see butterflies that are a “couple.”

Yes, I found this pair of butterflies wandering and roaming together all the time around our garden in Bicol. As it is difficult and challenging to capture them when they are in motion especially during daylight, I took advantage of the opportunity to “hunt” them down one night so I could capture a photo of them. Lucky me, I found them perched on this particular plant “side by side.”

Aren’t they the sweetest and prettiest pair? 😉


4 thoughts on “Together, Forever

  1. I love butterflies. They are so beautiful and irresistible. You’ve captured a very nice photo here! Also, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! – Sonya


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