He and I Communicated

It usually takes me 2 days after I have written an article or even a post like this one to publish it online. Those two days are usually for editing i.e. grammatical errors, sentence construction redo, delivery of ideas, etc. That’s why I have a Word file saved in my laptop where I write my thoughts down or a pen and paper beside me for those impromptu thoughts and ideas. I do a lot of editing and just plain technical editing. But that was before. Now, these two days aren’t just the usual editing, because the editing done comes from God. How and why?

I guess I need to tell you too that being vocal about my thoughts and making a lot of ‘noise’ on social media about my faith brought me to people calling me names such as a hypocrite; banal na aso, santong kabayo; Ms. Goody Two-shoes and a whole lot of other names. (Mind you, I am not offended, I am just amused.) I can go by a lot of nicknames pala. 😀

Nah, kidding aside, there comes a point wherein I do ask God before I post an article or a status update if it is the right thing to “say.” Did I write it too outlandish? Or was it too vulgar? Or did I use the proper words that were meant to be understood and not meant to ruin someone else? Do I sound too prying or too imposing? Did I share those words/thoughts in a manner that You wanted me to share it? Am I making the message across just right when it comes to faith and God? Or I’ll just deactivate my Facebook account, or I’ll just delete my blog site, or just do it altogether?

Of course, no matter how tempting deactivating is to me, which I actually did a hundred of times already way back when I wasn’t a Christian yet, it was one of my commitments to never do it again when I got saved. I just felt that I should not. Not again. Not anymore.

Because I love writing.

I love expressing my thoughts through words.  Not verbal, not in front of a crowd, but with a pencil and paper or in front of a computer screen.  I hate public speaking, I am not good at it. I stutter, my thoughts get lost as fast as it comes. My spoken words are all a jumble.

So yes, I have been praying over a lot of my posts lately here on social media. I have prayed earnestly up to the point that I asked God to talk to me in my dream, tell me directly what He would want me to do with my love for writing and is there a way that I could have done it better. I asked Him not to give signs and let me do the guessing if it is from Him or not. I fell for that trap when the enemy used it to his own advantage.

I woke up the next day, did my daily routine and opened my Twitter account. Guess what I read in my news feed?


“Don’t give up on what God has called you to do. The end result is worth the pain.”

God's Daughters

God’s Daughters

To think that I wasn’t even a follower yet of this profile (upon reading the post). So I thought, “how did it get in my news feed and how come it is the only thing I saw in my Twitter page?”

I have no idea.

Read it again, this time in the profile of God’s Daughters. Okay, I got it. It is the answer to my prayer – timely, accurate, and concise. All I could blurt out was: Hallelujah! I will always be Your follower may it be on Twitter or everywhere. Now happy to serve You. 😉


6 thoughts on “He and I Communicated

  1. It hurts when we are ridiculed and made fun of for our faith. As believers we can expect to be treated like our Lord was when He was here! Keep your head up, your shoulders back, a smile in your heart and share your faith by your writing! God will guide, just look to Him! I’ll be praying with you!


    • Thank you Andy for those great words and the prayers! I definitely will keep them in mind. 🙂

      Continue the fight and keep the faith as well. Our God is greater than anything in this world. Will be praying for you too and God bless! Keep the spirit alive! 🙂


  2. “But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.” Matthew12:36
    As a Christian and as a blogger at the same time, we are accountable to every articles that we post. They’re supposed to encourage and reflect the imagery of God. 😀 Just keep your passion for writing burning and let your posts reflect your love for the Lord Jesus Tine. 😀 praying for you!


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