That Dragon Who Flies



A dragonfly. 😉

Sinister-looking, definitely not. But folklore and culture have it that dragonflies signify danger. I haven’t seen one in a while and neither am I superstitious so please allow me to just marvel at this little beauty right here.

Next to butterflies, I am fascinated by dragonflies. They are one of the most delicate creatures to ever glide this planet. Look closely at their wings. I can’t help but think that they look like women’s stockings that will easily tear with just an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny tiny scratch.

I must admit though that I am guilty of keeping them as captives when I was way too young to value each and every creation on Earth. Now, I am even more guilty when back home, all I could see now is but just 1/3 of their population years back.

Tsk, that must be the danger that they signify – extinction of their breed come the future generations of the human race. What do we have to marvel at next?

Just like the dragons, our kids will only have their imagination of them flying around, spurting fire, evil most of the time – of which none of them can be proven true unless they came from a generation when to me all dragonflies are real, dainty, fragile and yes, precious.


2 thoughts on “That Dragon Who Flies

    • Yes Gaurab, unfortunately that is the sad fact we have nowadays. There will be an imbalance in nature unless we do something to keep them from getting extinct. Photography, for one, will never be the same without these lovely creatures to shoot at. 😦


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