Love & Frozen: Freezing Love



One of the gifts I received last Christmas was wrapped with a beautifully written message. The gift came from none other than my sister of course. Well, sisters know better, don’t they? 😉

When I got the gift and read the message, the first two things that popped in my head are God’s love (that’s why He gave us His only son, Jesus Christ) and yes, love in Frozen, the movie. The movie is about sisterhood, anyway. Now, ain’t it perfect? 😀

I must admit I’d never ever get tired watching that movie over and over again. It just completely raised my expectations in Disney movies and princesses to a higher level. It certainly surpassed the true-love-kissed-by-a-prince ending for one and the villain is not the usual step mom or a step sister.

The movie is a perfect notion of fairy tale movies portraying attitudes and conflicts of today’s generation that is why it wouldn’t be a wonder at all if it will be one of the blockbuster movies of this year.

The story line isn’t dragging at all with its well-written plot and very different setting. Definitely no scenes were lifted from classic Disney stories and fairy tales making it very unique and yes, modern. No unnecessary dull scenes are present in the movie as well as it is a comedy. And yes, the songs used in some of the scenes in the movie are also well-arranged. It doesn’t sound too classical and yet appropriate to all ages though it is a cartoon movie.

If you are to ask me about the movie in general, all I can ever say is that I am all praises. Yes, it indeed deserves the loud round of applause and a standing ovation.

Oh and being the feminist me, I just love how they developed the character of a brave, confident girl in the characters of Elsa and Anna – overcoming fears, celebrating breakthroughs and dealing with conflicts.

Just the perfect movie to watch during the holidays – makes me feel all the love and the warmth and say or rather sing “the cold never bothered me anyway.”  😉


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