Orchid: The Beauty That Clings

Tin Ginete

Vanda: Mom’s favorite. 🙂

Incredibly, I know no other specie of the flora and fauna that thrives beautifully on a host except that of an orchid. It is such a spectacular relationship that balances the call of nature, completing the chain of life.


It can be desperate, it could get completely obliterated. Unless you have something to cling to – a sturdy host. Suppose we let the orchid thrive on water, will it die? Will the water nourish it? Or it will just turn into complete decay?

The questions seem endless.

Why not let an air orchid grow with its roots dangling, suspended in mid air, with its stem attached only to a string? Can’t it survive from the air around it and rainwater? Why does it have to be on a tree trunk, a branch, or a hanging pot?

Questions they are that we, unfortunately, have to take as they are. Science may have an explanation for it. But if I ask the general question “What for?”, then, I believe there lies the danger of questioning even our very own existence. An idea that I dare not entertain.

Acceptance is as crucial as life itself. Live for the moment, some say. But worry not on the future. Take the past as it is. For they are matters that do not lie in our hands to control and manipulate.

So where do we cling to?

Now that is a very good question to ponder on. But I’ll give you a clue to the answer – HOPE. Who/what gives you hope is your sturdy host. Read between the lines if you may, but the One who gives eternal life is our hope.

That is the One where all beauty clings. 🙂


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