Patterns and Textures


Never a piece of art can go without them. Never can an artist, a photographer, a fashion designer nor a dancer do their craft without them. In general, never will a project be made complete without them.

In photography, emphasis is given more on the details presented through the photographs. I usually highlight details in my photographs through patterns i.e. angles, positioning, etc. and macro shots.

The following snapshots are just a few of my favorite “detailed” shots:

Tin Ginete

Dried Anahaw Leaves

Tin Ginete

Colorful Woven Chair Made from Abaca

Tin Ginete

The Balustrade

In life, when patterns no longer benefit you, it is best to break them. Otherwise, the texture of your life will be nothing else but rough most of the time. Make it smooth sometimes, make it glisten, try a different pattern this time. What pattern, you say?

Conversations with God might help. 🙂

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