The G Force

Tin Ginete



“How does your worship of God show up in your daily routine?”

I could think of numerous ways and yet two incidents which happened just recently would, I think, answer this question in one big bulk and can be applied in our activities of daily living.

You might wonder why I chose “The G Force” as my title. Pretty catchy and yes, it might remind you of the animated film G Force. But nope, you kinda guessed it wrong if you thought this is a movie review. 😉

It happened a couple weeks back for the first one and for the second one, just a few days ago. They’re two different incidents which took place in two different locations in different days and times. But yes, it has something to do with movies. In particular, the movie house.

First Incident

My bf and I decided to watch Maleficent at SM North Edsa Cinema. We then bought our tickets and reserved our seats ahead of time so we can tour around. Our seat numbers are G8 and G9. I was the one who chose them as I prefer to sit at the middle rows. Everything went fine until we got inside the movie house. When we searched for our seats, a couple was already seated there. So I asked them (while still holding our tickets), “Excuse me po. Ano po bang seat numbers ninyo?” The lady who is in her late 30s to mid 40s answered while rummaging her bag, “Actually hindi ko alam kasi hindi ko mahanap ‘yung tickets at ‘di ko na matandaaan.” I answered, “Kasi po seat numbers po namin ‘yang inuupuan ninyo.” I answered calmly for the second time. But this time, she answered back with a very indignant tone and told us, “Marami namang available na upuan, bakit hindi kayo umupo dun.” Again, I answered her calmly, “Kasi po, ito po yung pina-reserve po naming seat numbers.” She was adamant and other people are sensing the commotion already but I stood there and did not move an inch. Until she told her companion in a very angry voice that they should transfer seats and she said a lot of other things that are not directly addressed to me but she was just ranting her anger away.

We stood silently and waited. When we sat down in our seats, I told my bf, “If she would not budge in this seat, I will not say anything anymore but I will go to the management to fix this for us because I will not allow that I would give in to her request which is not right, in the first place, and end up in a similar situation once other people would ask us to transfer as the seats we are occupying are theirs.”

 Second Incident

This happened at Gateway Cineplex 10. My bf and I decided to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction and again chose G13 and G14 as our seats because G row is just my favorite. When we got inside the movie house, a girl and a boy were occupying the G15 and G16 seats. It was okay, no problem so far. BUT, the thing is, their shopping bags were placed in one of our seats (G14). So I approached the girl, who is the one occupying G15. I asked her, “Excuse me po, sainyo po ba ito? Kasi G13 and G14 kasi kami.” She looked at her bf and said, “E di ba marami namang bakante.” But the boy who is in his teens, apologetically said to me, “Ay sorry po, okay lang po. Sorry po talaga.” And ordered the girl to get the stuff. She hesitantly did it and mumbled something that was not pleasing to my ears at all. The boy was looking at me and said his apologies again. I just said, “It is okay. Thank you.” 

A few minutes later, two mid 20s girls arrived and asked the couple what their seat numbers were. We then found out that similar to the first incident, they didn’t know their seat numbers and lost their tickets. The girl now was getting hysterical at her bf and started accusing him of carelessly misplacing their tickets. The two girls, on the other hand, went outside to clarify the issue with the management. When they got back, the couple already transferred seats as they could not find their movie tickets.

So, the moral of the story is……it is all about G. 😀

G for GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct), G for my favorite row and of course, most importantly, G for God. Nah, I was just kidding for the first two Gs. But for the last one, I guess if it wasn’t for God and if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit, I would’ve snapped back in those two incidences having temper issues way back when I wasn’t saved yet. I would’ve said a WHOLE LOT of negative words. But if there is one thing that faith has taught me, it is to think of God always in every single thing you do and in every single word you say. What if the person you are having that conflict with is God himself disguised in that form? And you flared up and forgot to keep your cool. Ugh, that is going to be a major epic fail. Now you wouldn’t want that, right? But in case you did flare up, no need to fret too much. Cry if you must. It is okay. We are humans, we get affected, we have emotions, and we feel. BUT you need to apologize, repent and think of better ways you would’ve handled it next time. 🙂

Because every single day in your life, your faith will be tested. Right from the moment you stepped out of the door of your house, from the moment you hailed a cab, a tricycle, a jeepney, a bus, or took the train to the office or even if you are just at home until the day ends, you will be given situations wherein without God in your life, if He is excluded in all you do, you will be making more and more sins which will make you miserable by the end of the day. Imagine that happening for 365 days. Whoa! That is equivalent to this: STRESS.

Patience, discipline and self-control through God’s guidance. That’s The G Force that will help you live up to how a Christian should behave. And having said that, I leave you with a bible verse below. 🙂

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. – Philippians 4:8


Oh and yes, my bf and I decided not to choose the G row from now on. I hope our fate in F and H rows are way better. Or worse? Looks like I’d have to pray to God before entering the movie house. I think that will be the best solution. 😀

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