Patent Unknown

Tin Ginete


Patent unknown….

As chaotic as that picture above. And you don’t have an idea what the image originally was.

Just to give you an idea, that photo was the result of my light textures experimentation with my camera. I took a photo of an oil burner that has a moon and stars design. Set to low light and long exposure, I just wiggled my camera back and forth, from side to side and achieved this – a state of confusion. Just like ideas.

A borrowed thought if not properly cited is plagiarism. And that is my dilemma now being a blogger. Because I honestly admit that my thoughts are not really my own. They are all a fusion of principles and theories influenced by the philosophers in my literary textbooks way back college days, by my former and current professors, by our Pastors and lecturers in church or even by a random jeepney driver ranting about life whom I happened to sit beside while commuting.

I believe the people who have every right to accuse anyone of plagiarism would be the philosophers and thinkers of the ancient times who have drawn their discoveries out from their own experiences and not from what they have already seen on a printed text or heard before from someone else.

But then again, a rule is a rule. 

UP instilled that fact to me. Expulsion or a grade of 5 (Fail) for those guilty of the crime. So, I think this will then prompt me to make an “Acknowledgment” page in my blog to thank the people either one by one or in general with whom I have learned the ideas from which are now being reiterated in my sites. Check it out every now and then ‘cos you might be surprised if your name pops up in there too. Yes, I learn everywhere from anyone, anytime. 😉

But my greatest learning comes from God. I assure you, it is less chaotic and it’s one-sided – all to glorify and honor Him. 🙂


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