THE Hat Fan

Tin Ginete

The Lady and The Hat

I seldom post articles that are fashion related here in my blog but what I am about to feature today is something extraordinaire. 🙂

My brother bought these lovely fans for me, my sisters and Mom as souvenirs. At first glance you will think it is just an ordinary fan. But if you are to look closely, they are not like regular fans with its curved shape when folded.

Tin Ginete

Zambo Fans for The Ladies


When I opened it, voila! It is also bigger than the regular fans. I bet this fan is twice as big as the ordinary fans sold at the market.

Tin Ginete

Zambo Fan


Then my brother showed me why the fan was made with a curved form. It is for this: tadaaaa…..A HAT! (Sorry, I oftentimes have the curiosity and enthusiasm with that of a kid.) 😀

Tin Ginete

Zambo Hat (Photo courtesy: Abe Ginete)

I was totally amused and amazed at the same time how one simple item can be used for two purposes – a huge fan and a fashionable hat. If only I have an idea who invented this first. This might influence a new revolution in today’s fashion industry.

If you are wondering where to buy one, these are locally made and sold in Zamboanga City here in the Philippines.

Fashionable Fans they are – simple treasures, rare finds. 😉


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