Mountain Dew GLOW Craze

Tin Ginete

Mountain Dew’s NEON GLOW

I usually hang out around Sunken Garden in the UP Diliman campus after church service because I got used to it during college days watching the joggers, the people playing Frisbee or soccer or just the regular strollers like me. It is such a great breather to be with nature every now and then.

After eating my favorite snack which is “siomai (steamed dumpling) & pancit canton (noodles) combo meal,” I usually buy a drink before heading to the jeepney stop. The moment I laid my eyes on the set of drinks lined up at the store, one instantly caught my attention and yes, my purse. 

I bought a bottle of Mountain Dew with a neon green color. Very catchy, indeed. I believe manufacturers of this drink came up with this idea to compete with Coca Cola’s everyone’s-name-on-the-bottle stint. 

Went to the same food stalls last Sunday and I was overwhelmed by the buyers of this neon-colored Mountain Dew, I just see green everywhere. Very nice marketing strategy, I must say. 

BUT it would’ve been made better, in my opinion, if the bottle indeed glows in the dark. I can imagine joggers around the UP Sunken Garden strutting their stuff either holding a glowing bottle or having one on their belts while jogging. That would be a fantastic sight. 🙂


One thought on “Mountain Dew GLOW Craze

  1. Climbing is never easy one… summit is my ultimate goal every time I climb to the top… 🙂 with this one every pick of summit is easy with excitement of drinking my favorite… this one made me move miles.. I always share it with my co-climber, family and friends…


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