Why Does It Always Have To Be The 4th?

Tin Ginete

The ODD String

The D string, I mean. 🙂

I’ve been playing Flicka, my guitar, since 2006 and all I could ever remember was the countless of times I had to replace the D string. And if I am not mistaken, it is the only string that I’ve been replacing for the past how many years.

If only I have the answers as to why it’s the D string that always gets broken. Because I believe I am not the only one seeking for answers. 😉

When I bought the new set of guitar strings yesterday, another guy approached the music store salesman and I heard him inquired if  a new stock of D string is already out. The salesman informed him that new stocks for the D string are not yet available.

There has been a shortage in supplies of the D string in all music stores here in Manila and I’ve been waiting for a restock but to no avail. What they do suggest though is that for you to be able to replace your broken D string, you have to buy the whole set of guitar strings which could be a big waste of money. I, for one, already have like 3 sets of nylon guitar strings still complete except for the D strings.

So yes, I am planning to give them away to anyone who has a broken nylon string other than the D string. This, I guess, is the story of the ODD string.

But then again, why does it always have to be the 4th string? 🙂


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