An Explosive Ending – Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

I would like to start this write up with a reminder that this is not a “spoiler” article. So no reasons to hate me, alright? lol 😉

I was actually thinking if my title will be giving away so much of the movie’s much awaited ending. But I believe you really would have to guess if it ended with a bang literally or figuratively. Well, that is already one reason for you to not miss it.

BUT all I can ever promise is that watching the movie is ALL worth it. Though my bf and I had to bypass one city after the other (4 all in all) just to watch it first as only a few selected SM Cinemas will be showing the film, it was all worth the hassle of traveling that far, getting lost PLUS all the rain.

Tin Ginete

Another Kenshin Himura fanatic.

Lucky me I have a companion who, despite all the odds, had the will to watch the movie BY ALL MEANS. 😀 (Thanks, Hon! I salute you.)

But that is because we both LOVE Kenshin Himura that much we are just on energy booster, high-spirits-filled-stamina we just don’t care how we will get to the destination as long as we get there and be able to watch the movie. Yes, that is how I define a DIE-HARD fan. Absolutely. 🙂

General Overview

It was the well-carried out plot that fascinated me most. All 3 Rurouni Kenshin movies satisfied my expectations on the filmmakers’ ability to deliver a movie played in different eras. The movie is an interplay of somewhat similar events dominated by upheavals but socially, politically and historically all differed in context. Oftentimes, the problem with a flashback or a replay of the past or history can sometimes complicate or totally cloud not just the story in the present time but the overall plot thus confusing the viewers.

As for the characters, it was a perfect choice of actors which totally and I must say TOTALLY captured the persona of the characters that they are trying to portray from aura, to looks, and to attitude or behavior. Watching them perform is an exact adaptation of the manga series itself except that the characters are now more “alive” as portrayed by the actors.

This is an action-packed movie thus this review won’t and cannot end without giving credit to the superb fighting scenes set in just the perfect locations. Superb is an understatement actually as I was all mouth agape the entire movie time. Speaking of being totally caught up in the scenes, eh? 😉

So there you go. I will cut this short lest I divulge too much details about the movie already. It deserves my two thumbs up – let the legend live by watching it too. 🙂

Tin Ginete

Two thumbs up!


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