BAGNETO is “The Villain” Who Saves Your Tummy

Tin Ginete

Not your ordinary villain.

We all know that Magneto is one of the greatest villains who ever grazed the world of Marvel Comics. But no, he is not coming to life in this article but another unique character who is a villain but not exactly a villain.

So without any further ado, please allow me to introduce to you…BAGNETO. Yes, the name came from bagnet (deep fried pork’s meat) and of course, Magneto, the villain.

Tin Ginete


But then again, he is not your ordinary villain. For what he has to offer is a gastronomic adventure that is beyond measure. That is, in terms of being tagged as the restaurant that offers the best bagnet here in Manila.

And the reason is that the owner of Bagneto is also a bagnet lover himself. The restaurant was put up out of love and passion for bagnets. Let me then give you the meal offerings they have all having one common ingredient which is bagnet.

Tin Ginete


First on the list is Kare Kare. I liked the consistency of the kare kare sauce. The peanut flavor is not overpowering and the vegetables are cooked just right.

Tin Ginete

Kare Kare

Next is Bicol Express. This is not extremely spicy as typical of the original Bicol Express.

Tin Ginete

Bicol Express

Another dish they have is the Binagoongan. The shrimp paste has that perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors and not too salty.

Tin Ginete


Then they have the original Bagnet dish which is plain deep fried pork’s meat and it is usually paired with a sauce and vinegar. I loved the vinegar they used for this dish which is similar to that of the popular Iligan vinegar called “sukang pinakurat.”

Tin Ginete


And of course, I will be saving the best for last – sisig. The first time I tasted sisig was in Bicol and the texture of their sisig is crunchy compared to the usual sisig being sold in other restaurants. And I was brought back to that first love moment when I tasted Bagneto’s sisig – it was all crunchy in every bite.

Tin Ginete


And what I loved about the bagnet in all their dishes is that they stayed crunchy though they’ve been exposed for quite some time already after they were served.

Tin Ginete

Superb bagnet dishes.

Tin Ginete

Coke on the spot.

My first dining experience at Bagneto prompted me to give it a 5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest. It was because of this that I urged my bf to accompany me when I visited the place for the second time. And his experience? He became a sisig lover instantly though he used to hate sisig. True to it’s name, Bagneto indeed offers the best bagnet in the Metro.

Bagneto is located in this cluster of restaurants set along Malingap Street called ‘D Zone.’ Each restaurant has no particular seating restrictions and you can occupy any table of your choice even if it is in front of another restaurant.

Tin Ginete


Tin Ginete

Art on the pavement.

Tin Ginete

Tin Ginete

What I particularly loved about the place is the fact that its ambiance is so laidback which kind of reminded me of Italian restaurants at night wherein old chairs, benches and wooden tables fill a small nook lit by small yellow hanging lamps. There are also milk tea shops, Japanese restaurants, Mexican restaurants and a whole lot of various restaurants around the area.

Yes, if I can have bagnet everyday I really would. But I’ll stop here for now and let you do the judging. Head on to 33 Malingap St., UP Teachers Village, Quezon City and have a blast with Bagneto’s special bagnet. I know you’re going to call “him” your superhero afterwards. 😉

(Thanks Sheena, Becky and Jeanne for the invite, the photos and the great company!)


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