Skepticism and Religion: A Take On the Movie GOD’S NOT DEAD

Tin Ginete


No, I am not a theologian. What I am posting here are all personal insights learned from several Christian articles wherein the apologetics are the ones I find extremely interesting. Why?

Let’s just say that I used to be a skeptic, a cynic when it comes to faith. Someone who sees faith as a religion – a name you put in that portion of any application form that requires your religious background. I used to question the existence of God. Yes, to me back then, God was distant.

I am writing this article in light of the movie God’s Not Dead. Not a spoiler for starters as I’d be tackling mostly sensitive and controversial issues that I believe have been the challenges of most Christians, new and old, in the faith. This won’t be very technical but purely reflective. 🙂

Being a Literature graduate way back college, we were bombarded in my major subjects with theories by philosophers like Descartes, Focault, and a whole lot of great thinkers who are responsible in creating the set of perspectives, ideals and approaches I have in life right now. Or I used to.

It was only after I got saved and was doing my Foundations for Victory classes that I came into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian not by name but by faith. It first starts with having a personal relationship with God through accepting Jesus as your Savior, something that requires a personal encounter with Him. Most definitely you’ll be asking me, “What personal encounter are you referring to, Tin?” This is your personal experience as to why you made that 180-degree turn from your past and commit in striving to live a life of purity – your testimony to a changed life and a changed you.

I am not an atheist. I did not become an atheist even when I entered University of the Philippines Diliman which is known to many as a breeding ground of atheists and agnostics – well as far as stereotyping is concerned. But it is actually this diversity of cultures that made me appreciate being part of the institution. Because I have learned to be this – flexible and discerning. I would like to say I am critical but then again, the definition of critical is relative. Some view it as something negative in a way that it becomes synonymous to being judgmental. Some would view it though as something positive – an attitude of learning.

It is the latter that I see myself in. I question thoughts and beliefs to learn and be knowledgeable. Well of course, in my field of expertise, we were trained to be that when we do our research and criticize the works of selected novelists coming up with our own interpretation of the story. We learned that discourse of analysis which is very subjective – opinion-based most of the time.

I have nothing against philosophy. In fact, I love philosophy. Some great writers are part of my philosophical influences up to now and as much as I would like to unlearn their ideas, I know I couldn’t. 🙂

BUT this is where I would like to thank God. For He has given us the free will and the freedom to choose which would benefit us in the long run and would foster the kind of healthy attitude essential in living the kind of life patterned according to His will. And this is where He offered the greatest wisdom – His Word, which is the truth.

Sharing the Word is not as easy as typing it down and posting it on social media sites and that’s it. Even right now, I have to take responsibility for this write up and defend with utmost conviction every single word I have written here. More so when some of you would question the beliefs I have presented.

There is so much in the bible that skeptics and atheists would definitely question. The bible is His Word. But it is seen as a literary piece that is subject to all forms of interpretation. In fact, it is. Reading the bible without praying first to God to let the Spirit lead you while reading it will present more questionable and confusing ideas.

But this is where faith comes in – trusting that God will give you the clear answers through the Scripture. That is what the bible is to me – a guide, an answer key, your fall back when criticized for your faith and your bridge to firmly establish that connection with God.

But who is God?

The debate between Science and Religion regarding God and the origin of man will, I believe, continue from generations to generations. But I will be tackling more of these very controversial issues in my next article after the movie God’s Not Dead has been shown here in the Philippines on November. I do encourage you to watch it. 🙂

But for now, let me end this article by saying that pursuit of wisdom in this world is futile for the greatest wisdom can only be found in His Word. Godly wisdom is wisdom that gives life. Worldly wisdom gives death to your inner peace for oftentimes it creates chaos. The multitude of perspectives that the world offers are enough to make you discouraged, lost and unguided for they all are contradicting and they change through time.  Choosing to hold on to God’s wisdom is more than enough – it replenishes your spirits, gives you guidance, renews your strength, gives you a calm heart, an open mind and a gentle spirit.

Why seek for the worldly and temporal when God is offering you something that is solid and eternal? My prayer is that may you use your God-given free will to choose the BEST wisdom you can possibly attain in this life. 🙂


You don’t need a degree to learn His philosophies. It’s as simple and as easy as that. It is only man who complicates what should be easy. 😉


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