An Approach Towards A Simple Life

Tin Ginete

Traversing the muddy path with prickly seeds from the wild grass.

In this life, you have to learn how to strike the right balance of denying good food every now and then for the sake of avoiding gluttony; of minimizing dressing up and the use of cosmetics for the sake of not being vain; of knowing which possessions to acquire and which not to for the sake of not ending up materialistic; of knowing which dreams and ambitions to pursue for the sake of not being caught up in the rat race and be discontented with what you already have; and in choosing the right experiences to enjoy for the sake of living the righteous life.

The same thing goes when knowing the limits in preparing for the future so that you don’t forget to enjoy the present.

After a period of hyperactivity, it feels good to be back in the cave, do my research and be my mediocre self. 😉

I am grateful though for the experience points gained and now looking forward to learning level up – the right kind of wisdom. That is, in an attempt to live in this world but not be of this world. 🙂


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