How To Kill The Worldly

Tin Ginete

Even the tree bleeds.

Do not count the blessings of others, make it a habit to count your own. Do not focus on how others have improved, focus on how you can improve yourself. Do not search for what you’re lacking, use wisely what you have. Do not judge others, for God did not judge and compare you to His other creations. He made you and loved you as unique and as imperfect as you are and blessed you EQUALLY.

People who lived happy lives focused not on the people around them but on how they can maximize the blessings that God gave them, big and small, and be a blessing to others as well. God gave us a free will. Use it to have a renewed self by choosing God to lead and purify the intentions of your heart, of your words and your actions. Then you will know what life is without those seven deadly sins (envy, wrath, greed, laziness, pride, lust, and gluttony) creeping on every bone, every tissue of your individuality killing you deep inside.

Choose to be free of them by having God as the center of your life and be able to enjoy what God has in store for you. It is not about you or them. It is about Him. 🙂

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