The Solitary Confinement


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Out of desolation, out of despair,
A want to escape the devil’s snare.

A heart that bleeds, a heart that weeps,
Wishing a love that is for keeps.

You searched, you groped.
Now hoping you have coped.

Tried to give in and tried to give up,
Half empty, half full – like in a cup.

Now you wonder, now you question.
I need my Savior, He can’t abandon.

For that is my comfort, He is my wisdom,
Overflowing peace, that is His Kingdom.

To love is to feel, to bleed is to heal.
To die is to live, to know what is real.

The Cross bears it, in our every call.
He died for us, to live and have it all.

His Kingdom’s riches, beyond silver and gold,
For everyone’s keeping, may you be young and old.

The everlasting hope, now in your hand,
Are we to take it or let it slip like the sand?

So I remembered, so I’m comforted.
A loving Father, dearly and beloved.

For in my desolation, I can only savor that moment,
To be in His arms, my solitary confinement.

***This is my very first poem that I wrote summarizing my faith and my spiritual journey since I got saved last 3/13/13. Praise be to God for the gift of words. If you have the gift of words too, may this inspire you to make more literature that will honor and glorify His Name. 🙂


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