Fearless Fun in Trail Biking

I was scared. At first.

But then again, the adventure seeker in me said, “Try it out, Tin. What are you afraid of?”

Indeed, what am I afraid of? I really don’t know why but let’s just say I grew up overflowing with protection from my family. Yes, to put it lightly and mildly. 😉

I never experienced riding the bike on a highway and just nestled within the comforts of our own front yard. As a kid back then, it never mattered to me. All I’m after was to spend my endless energy biking around back and forth mindless of anything except the freedom of chasing speed, of defying gravity and the joy of balance. I am proud to say I learned how to ride the bike without any scratch. A very careful driver, you say? Yes, I am!

So, maybe that explains why I have this fear of biking outside the precious protection of our yard and into that long, winding lane where the “kings of the road” converge – the busy highway. I am afraid I might get a scratch this time.

Oh, Tin. What kind of reasoning is that. 😀

I know, you’re probably laughing out loud now. But let’s just put it this way, I admit I am afraid of getting hurt – that kind of hurt that is bigger than a scratch. I am more concerned about a broken neck, a protruding bone from a broken leg, or a dislocated shoulder perhaps. I mean, name any form of accident-related injury, it is enough to make me worried sick.

But, but, but….how will I ever experience a higher level of biking experience if I won’t step out of my comfort zone? How can I always let fear interfere with fulfilling my dreams? (This is more difficult to attain.)

So now, the dream came true. I happened to have been given by God a fiance who enjoys communing with nature and has that adventure-seeking attitude as well. That is, seeking adventure in a healthy and sporty way – TRAIL BIKING.

Whoa! Can I start with biking on a highway first before that? He said yes, and so this was how the fun began.

Sweating, panting, breathing heavily, and a thumping heart. That was how my first bike ride on the highway felt. Not bad for my first try, Brian assured me. Well, I was actually the one more worried for him as he would constantly look back to check how I’m doing and he might get hit by a fast-moving vehicle from the other lane. But by God’s grace and protection, the first try was an achievement.

I got a sore butt and aching muscles especially in my arms and legs but I was smiling. Gone is the fear and here is the fun.

Brian saw how much I enjoyed it. So what we did is spend quality time together by biking around their neighborhood with just our slippers, regular T-shirts and shorts. Indeed, practice makes something perfect.

Then the moment came.

He invited me to go biking on the highway of Nuvali in Tagaytay. I said well, that is fine with me. Although I still have this little fear of biking on a highway but not as much during my first attempt. So we loaded the bikes in the car and off we went to our biking venue. When we got there, the weather is just so perfect for biking – a bit chilly and not too sunny.

Pre-Nuvali ride selfie shot with my fiance and my biking partner.

Pre-Nuvali ride selfie shot with my fiance and my biking partner.

We readied the bikes and ourselves (of course) and off we went. But after hitting about a few road stretches, I was getting bored and when Brian caught up with me, he asked, “Hon, I know you are getting bored. Do you want to try going in the trail that me and my fellow trail bikers would usually take during our rides? It is not far from here.”

Highway mode on.

Highway mode on.

I was a bit hesitant because I have seen his trail biking photos and I know it is going to take so much preparation from me either when it comes to biking gear and equipment or even just mentally before going in. But, I cannot let fear interfere again, right?

The answer was, “Yes, let’s try it.” And I trusted him that he knows his craft so well. So we took the diversion off the main road to the trail and oh boy, it was indeed wilderness with bushes along the trail, potholes and zigzag paths with steep slopes that welcomed me.


Before stopping over.

But, here’s the fun part. I found myself laughing while biking. I was riding the bike though with too much precaution that Brian would remind me to just enjoy the ride and just release that tension off the grip. Yes, because I am gripping the bike handles too tight lest I might not be able to hold the brakes when the need arises. LOL

The happy kid in me. *all smiles*

The happy kid in me. *all smiles*

I was feeling every motion of the bike and I can feel myself one with it. It was such a fantastic feeling of having this total control over the bike and be able to maneuver it in such a way that you get through going up and going down every steep slope and keep the bike steady with that every bump and every sharp turn.


Bushes all around, nothing else but lush greens.

Well, I didn’t stumble and I didn’t fall though I almost did but I came out the trail unscathed. We stopped for a couple of times so I could catch my breath as I don’t do gym work outs so definitely I have no cardio exercise which is, by the way, very important before doing any extreme sport such as trail biking. Though we only finished 1/3 of the trail, Brian congratulated me that I made it that far and did it quite well for someone who has no experience whatsoever when it comes to trail biking. Yay! 😀

When we were out on the highway again, I can feel freedom at its best. I was savoring the wind touching my face, the scent of fresh air, the lush greens around me and even the trucks behind me. I can even ride the bike with just one hand! Yes, along the highway. Just imagine how much I have learned, tried, experienced and accomplished by not giving in to fear and saying yes to fun.

Upon exiting the trail saying "peace" to a bumpy but joyful ride. :)

Upon exiting the trail saying “peace” to a bumpy but joyful ride. 🙂

Whew! And it was indeed REALLY FUN. Now I am ALL SET for my next trail biking adventure. Next goal – reach midway of the trail in a faster biking pace. *keeping my fingers crossed*

These are the moments that I thank God for – the right recreation at the right moment with the right people. I am grateful too for my fiance and my biking partner who is such a patient guide and teacher.

Oh and for being an excellent photographer too. 😉


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