Positivity: Breaking The Spiritual Warfare

“It only has just begun.”

How often do we hear this statement after our surrender and moment of salvation?

Yes, it always is a victorious feat upon an encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ. A turning point but in actuality, a never ending battle. A believer’s journey never ends in the water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In fact, allow me to provide a brief run-down why every spiritual journey is like a horse shoe.

1. Life is not storm-free.

  • God intended for us to be prepared by making our lives a storm-proof life by giving us His armor and shield – the hope that we cling to through the Cross.

2. The enemy is always at work too.

  • Salvation is breaking free from the stronghold of the dark forces, our evil self, the common nature of our past.

3. Not everyone will believe what you say.

  • This is the moment of persecution and rejection that every believer must face when sharing his testimony and being bold about faith.

4. Prayers do go unanswered.

  • Blessings may come but they may not be in the form of how you expected them to be. There is sometimes a deafening silence from God every time you pray.


There is one gift that we all could use in keeping balance with what I have mentioned above and that is free will. But free will never go unrestrained, for that is not how God meant it to be used. It only means that we have a choice in doing the right thing that is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord within the limits of faith and Christianity and in accordance to God’s will still. God wanted us to choose Him, to seek Him and that we will use the gift He has given us in doing exactly that.

It is a spiritual warfare that we, Christians and believers, deal with every single day. And I believe it is in this warfare that we have to use our free will to choose positivity by hoping on the message of the Cross. Day by day, it is a struggle. Without a positive outlook, all hopes are gone. Neither can we withstand the trials of faith and none will survive the warfare without it.

There is a time to be low but there is such a thing as resiliency. Bounce back if you must and higher this time around. It doesn’t matter how many times you have bounced, just make you sure you bounce back higher every time until you finally reach your goal – mission accomplished.

Now that is the positive spirit – breaking one barrier at a time, every time. 🙂

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