“Eureka!” Moment

If you have read my previous posts, this article will prove that my dreams have a different meaning. 😉

BUT it is such a big relief on my part and I am extremely grateful we have a God who saves. After I got back from the trip, I went inside the house overwhelmingly relieved and found a surprise waiting. Our God is not just a God who saves, but He is also full of surprises.

I found two miniature bicycles that my brother purchased as a memorabilia from his Vietnam trip just last week. And these bicycles were “parked” prettily on our center table. Then, there went my “Eureka!” moment – alas, it is perfect for my Barbie doll. 😀

Tin Ginete

Red tricycle rickshaw from Vietnam.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am no longer playing with them. I now use them as models for my fashion styling from anything I could recycle. Like for the outfit below, I used an old hankie for the top which I just folded and Barbie’s hair accessory used to be an origami rose given by one of my students during my practicum.

Tin Ginete

Barbie and the black tricycle rickshaw.

Barbie girls are always as pretty as ever and it is by dressing her up where I find ideas for my own fashion statement too. Not that I don’t have a mirror. *wink* I just look for clothing patterns and textures that combine well and when I already have the perfect outfit combination, that’s when I go out on a “fashion hunt.”

But I think my brother will not be too proud of this – that is, using his memorabilia as my photo shoot props. 😀

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