I Feel Good


Givin' some cat lovin'.

Yes, it feels good to be reunited with your baby love. I mean your dearly beloved pet. 😉

Peekah is like a baby girl to me. I rescued her and her sister when they were just 3weeks old. I raised them both as if they were my own kids. Unfortunately, her sister Peekie died and we don’t know the cause of her death because it was so sudden.

Any sudden loss is heartbreaking. Because you didn’t have time to prepare yourself for it i.e. how to slowly detach yourself emotionally, acceptance, etc.

But like any grievances, time will heal them. So it was just me and Peekah. I am still grateful Peekah survived tho I know that she, too, will be staying with me temporarily.

But I guess one thing that always amazes me and one thing I thank God for is the emotional bond that a person and his/her pet shares. They both were created differently and yet there is this one thing that binds them both and that is the emotion.

It is the heart that is responsible for our emotions tho governed by the mind. Cats can’t talk but they have a heart. It is just amazing how much value God put in our hearts may you belong in a different kingdom so you could connect with another specie from another kingdom.

Peekah still can recognize and remember my voice though I get to see her only about twice a year. I could see how excited she gets every time I arrive and I call out her name.

And yes, the kind of bonding we had when she was still a kitten and what we have now is still the same. And if I need to name what emotion is responsible for that, it would be this: LOVE.

You may call me mushy and all but that is just the way I am. I need not apologize for that, you can just ask my Creator why He made me this way. 😉

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