How To Become A Woman

A battle of the sexes a.k.a. understanding the female psyche it is. But then, there cannot be a comparison at all – men and women were created differently. And yet, I have the following questions for us to ponder:

1. How do you become gentle when you have been trained in your university as a college student to be assertive and to be outspoken in your thoughts and opinions?

2. How do you learn to be dependent when you have been taught as a kid to survive for survival’s sake?

3. How can you be submissive when you have been used to living alone taking matters in your own hands i. e. decision making, responsibilities at home, planning, etc.?

4. How do you follow when you have been trained to take the lead?

5. How do you unlearn everything you have learned?

It was all written in the Scripture what a woman’s role clearly is – the Proverbs 31 woman. And as much as it is not my duty to question a law that has been made hundreds of centuries ago, I can’t help but wonder if such laws are still applicable today if a lot of things have already changed in context – socially, culturally and politically.

The definition of what a woman is and should be has radically changed all throughout the years. Thus, could there be a possibility that some pre-conceived notion of gender may already be considered as irrelevant today? Or a paradigm shift is required to re-align our thoughts to what was previously dictated?

Questions. They need not be answered. Or perhaps they will be answered. It is all just, once again, a matter of waiting.

Culture has a way of creating ideals and mind sets that in time become a barrier too solid to break. For a man it is, but with God, it is possible. Just like how things were before, now and in the times to come. 🙂


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