10 Things I Have Learned From Men


"His and Hers"

1. Never ask your boyfriend/husband “Ms. Universe” questions when he is sleepy or about to sleep because he’ll surely give you either an answer he didn’t mean, he will give you a silent response or he will sleep grumpy.

2. Men hate bringing a big, bulky and heavy baggage if there is no need so most likely he will hate you for bringing your whole room and your whole world inside your bag every time you have a date and he’ll have to carry it.

3. When you ask them how’s your cooking and it is bad, they’ll give you uncertain answers – neither a yes or a no but if it’s good they’ll shout a “Busog!” afterwards even if you don’t ask them how was it.

4. Men don’t care if they accidentally worn their shirt inside out even if you tell them they have worn it the wrong way.

5. Don’t let them ask for directions, they will just continue getting lost or they’ll ask a different question.

6. They hate nail polishes that only 1/8 are remaining on your nails.

7. With the 1 thousand not-so-important things you have told him, only about 10 will he remember.

8. They love tinkering new stuff without reading the manual first.

9. They just love inventing their own lyrics of a song.

10. Waking them up is not a problem. They cope well even if it is a disturbed sleep.


Men pray short, concise prayers. Women pray long, dramatic prayers. 😉

(This article does not totally represent men in general. I arrived with these conclusions as observed from the men in my life: my Dad, my brother and my fiance.) 🙂


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