For The Love of Social Media and Technology

I praise God that everything is easily accessible via technology and over the internet. Personally, it is a big help for me to have an e-diary where I can store my thoughts and not worry of them getting lost if ever my laptop bugs down. Thoughts in my head go as fast as they come. My family would even tell me I suffer from short term amnesia in some cases. *seriously*

I believe in photography we can see such a big leap when it comes to advancements from films to dark rooms to now instant everything. Like this photo I have taken and edited using different apps in my android phone:

Tin Ginete

Original photo of Flicka my guitar.

Tin Ginete

Edited photo to b & w using vsco cam app.

Edited the photo via Instagram.

Edited the photo via Instagram.

But my phone comes really handy every time I am in the middle of doing something and that action spurred an idea, a question or a thought in mind which is always related to my faith. I stop in the middle of my task, open my phone and type the words down before my mind goes blank after a couple of seconds. Sometimes thoughts pour in in bulk connecting one thought with the other and bible verses start popping up too – yes, my head will be a chaos if I don’t have a phone to help me sort those thoughts out.

But I see one problem with it – technology is an arena wherein the battle of the good and evil is being showcased. Evil means porn, scam, hate posts, prostitution, violence, fraud, etc. Good means informative, advancements, convenience, accessibility, etc.

If I am right, every modern innovation gives way to something new and yet it also gives way to foster something bad. There are so many things we could learn from the internet and modern technology paves way to those discoveries. But it also requires us this kind of discipline – knowing which ones are beneficial to us and which ones are harmful. I have been lingering so much on social media sites nowadays and discovered that sharing enhances creativity and learning – you learn new ideas from what other people share by introducing yourself to a whole lot of different perspectives. Given that, we now have these questions which, I am sure, all of us are asking:

1. Is it possible to introduce something new with the possibility of maintaining its good objective and only that?

2. The negative effects are getting rampant – is there a way to stop it?

3. If a total shutdown of the world wide web affecting thousands of technologies associated with it happened just like in the movie Transcendence, how will things end up?

4. Can man function well without all the modernization now?

5. Which is better – the modern times or the primitive days?

And having these questions in mind, verses from Ecclesiastes 3 came gushing in – there is a time for everything. It has always been like this here in this world even in the earlier times in the bible – always a battle of good and evil.

For I believe it is in this arena that God trains His people to be able to join His ranks. Now which side are you on – God’s army or the enemy’s?

I choose LIFE not in this world but in eternity that is why I am more than willing to be trained as His warrior. 🙂

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