Leaving and Cleaving in A Marriage

Photo credit: hayatimagazine.com

Photo credit: hayatimagazine.com

Yes, marriage is one of the greatest fundamentals in our society. Without it, a lot of things will not be made possible – a healthy and loving home, propagation of future descendants who will become future leaders, thinkers, world changers and responsible citizens of the society, among a whole lot of other relevant things.

That is why this word “marriage”  is really not just about papers and agreements, romance and “I love yous” – it is more than that.

Since I am in this season of God preparing me for marriage, I would like to share an article written by singer/song writer Richard Poon and wife actress Maricar Reyes-Poon which my fiance and I also learned in our Marriage Preparation Seminar in church.

“Leave and Cleave 1: Why Living Beside Your Parents Is Bad For Your Wife”

Learning the theories is a must, application is the biggest challenge. Thus, prayer to God is your best tool. 🙂


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