BLOGGYS 2015: The Philippines’ Premiere Blog Awarding Event

Tin Ginete

To God be the Glory!

This came as a lovely surprise. 

I never thought that blogging will take me this far. Or should I say, how my faith has brought me this far. For yes, if there is one sole reason why I decided to put up my blog last October 2012, a month after my altar call, it is to be the “megaphone” of my faith – spearheaded by unfavorable events in my past that led to my salvation and now, this blog.

There was no apprehension. I felt that I had to do it – I need to write, not just to clear unresolved issues but more for the love of writing and sharing. I have shared in my previous articles why I had this passion to write and share. It came from my hunger for learning, knowledge and wisdom.

Before, I was hungry for the wrong kind of wisdom. It was this blog that led me to pursuing the right kind of wisdom and knowledge – that which is everlasting, firm and true. I would not exchange it for anything. For I must admit, it was that kind of wisdom that this blog came to life and is now thriving.

What I posted did not come from me per se. They were all knowledge passed on to me too. And my Teacher instructed me to use whatever He will give me to keep this blog alive – tapping my interests, skills, life experiences and God-given opportunities.


To my God, to WordPress, to my past, to my faith, to my partner in life, family and friends, to my spiritual family, to my fellow bloggers who were bold in actively sharing their faith through social media and including some that this world offers in between, and to the organizers of Bloggys 2015 for all the opportunities to share my thoughts and my faith through writing.

Tin Ginete

To God be the Glory!

I am claiming MORE FRUITFUL BLOGGING YEARS ahead, by His Grace and through His Name.

Let’s continue giving Him the honor and glory that He deserves. 🙂


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