Upgraded: 3rd Year Anniversary Special


I am very much thrilled to announce that today marks my 3rd year here on WordPress as a blogger/writer. Hooray! And things only got better lately. Praise be to God for the provisions and wonderful opportunities. 🙂

My 5-year old laptop crashed a week ago bringing with it 5 years of memories too from photos to articles and a whole lot of other stuff. My laptop is the other half of my life – most of my daily activities are centered on it. Especially my masteral thesis. I was close to complete devastion after finding out that the backup copy of my thesis materials were not updated.

Grateful tho I was given a hubby who is very supportive and helped me retrieve my files back which we did after going through a lot of hassle. When the repairman told us that my laptop can’t be repaired anymore as there are more issues in the operating system that cannot be fixed, husband dear offered to buy me a new one.

I hesitated as I don’t want to spend that much cash as we plan to save it for our church wedding next year. But then again, he reasoned out that I needed the laptop. He is giving it to me as an early birthday gift, so I know I cannot refuse his offer. 🙂

We bought a new one and was very pleased that we were given a discount and not just that – a free mouse, a free headset and a free case cover were included in the package. Now this part I can’t help but praise God for the provisions.


Today, I opened my laptop and in came a notification stating that the operating system is now ready to be upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. Oh my good Lord. What a way to celebrate my 3rd year doing what You asked me to do. 🙂

So here’s my short review on Windows 10 as compared to Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 has more control settings and options which include a more filtered Windows Defender that lessens risks from malware and virus attacks. It also has an easier way for user accessibility to programs, apps and navigation. All the key programs can be easily found in the Startup menu and the task bar. They say it is Windows 7 upgraded.

However, the designs of the windows are very stiff, sort of minimalist style as compared to Windows 8.1 which appeal more to my creative senses with its icon arrangements suitable for those frequently using a tablet or ipad. I guess I still can consider myself more of a cellphone person than a laptop person, still. (I am using my phone while doing this article.)

But I prefer Windows 10 as what I am after in an operating system is a software that’ll provide more uses technically. I haven’t browsed through all of the Windows 10 features but I am definitely keeping the upgrade.

And yes, it is free for original Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 users. 😉

I guess these upgrades bring my blogging experience to a whole new level – more convenient and more interesting ways to write and write even more. And most especially, this is one big help in accomplishing research work and other academic/business requirements.

There is only one theme tho that’s never gonna change all throughout – serving God through the mission He has appointed me alongside other responsibilities.

As you read this, I am guessing you are a blogger too – do choose to be with me in spreading the Word, God will be there to guide you same way He guided me all the way. 🙂

Cheers to more happy blogging years ahead!


This article marks my 200th post too. Indeed, there is something awesome about the number “3.” 😉



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