Appreciation, Submission and Humility

Do you believe in God?

With all the local and international unrest that is going on around us, I know it is hard to believe that there is a God. And even more, the title of this article: appreciation, submission and humility.

Can we appreciate, submit and humble ourselves even when we feel that we have been totally crushed, inside and out, and we do not know who is to blame with the many things that oppress us?

It is hard to believe in a God when chaos and sadness are at its extreme and the soul is tested to its brink.

And yet what God says is this, a bible verse from one of my devotions a few days ago:

“The LORD, Himself, will fight for you. Just stay calm.” – Exodus 14:14

Personally, I just got out of a battle that led to a more serious form of violence – one which attacks not just the soul but that of your mortal state. I know it is the enemy’s way of destroying my faith and the commandments that the Lord has set for us to follow by using the persons closest and dear to me like my spouse through our weaknesses.

I have experienced first-hand the repercussions of what the bible has warned not to do which involves these – doubts, resentment, revenge and anger. I felt it, in all essence of the word “feel.” 

It took me days to recover from the battle. I had to reach out to people who could help me recover from the attack. It was an assault in everything that I am as a woman and everything that I am as a woman of God.

And yet prayers and more prayers will never go unanswered. For it is in the bible:

Each time He said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. – 2 Corinthians 12:9

God sees everything. God has answers for everything which He gives in His time.

It was all written in the bible, God knows we will go through things such as these and that history will repeat itself. That is the purpose why we have the bible now as our source of hope and as our guide in the calamities that will befall upon us either caused by nature or by man.

I don’t know the reason why I was urged to write this article at the beginning of this year:

But all I know is that this moment calls for us to appreciate what God has already done for us, accept what cannot be changed, submit to His almighty power and sovereignty and be humble in times of peril. Cry your heart out if you must in utmost anguish, but never let your heart be overtaken by grief, sorrow and strife. For these are the mighty powers of the darkness.

What we need is LIGHT.

Jesus suffered worse than we could have ever fathomed even in today’s time. And yet He took it all in – blow by blow, cut by cut, teardrop by teardrop, blood by blood from the Roman soldiers. Jesus symbolizes the church to stand firm against its oppressors and all its assaults because Jesus believed and trusted God with everything.

This is the time to be strong in our faith, to call out to God and work towards a life with Him in eternity. As it has been said, do not worry about the things of this world and in this world nor even your own life. For it was written in the bible that time will come this world we live in now will be gone including our mortal bodies and the second coming will take place to make the harvest.

God is the ultimate judge. He will take what is rightfully His in the same way that He is the one who governs this world and the world beyond. 

But we have a God-given free will and a choice to make – that of proclaiming we need a Savior and that only God can send that Savior. We need saving by someone who conquered even death. For not even a country’s best artillery can defend us from the attacks within and around us.

God offers PEACE – peace within and peace on the outside. What we only need to do is accept His LOVE through His son Jesus Christ – repent and proclaim. That is the only way we can be saved, be secure and be at peace.

Lastly, my brothers and sisters, PRAY. ❤


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