The Greatest Anomaly

A thought prodded me to come up with a lot of questions – an anomaly.

Far too often, my being inquisitive, and vocal about my opinions brought me more trouble than I expected. But I see it in a good way. 🙂

It has been taught in the bible to obey your leaders.

But what if your leader asks you to kill someone else, would you do it?

It has been said to accept differences.

But what if in your peers they were all selling drugs and they pressure you to do the same, will you tolerate it?

You know that stealing is bad and you saw someone stealing the bag of another person, will you let the person get away and just pray that God will give that person justice in His time?

Or will you act and stop the person from successfully stealing someone else’s stuff?

What about a rapist whom you caught molesting a child? Will you stop the perpetrator and report to the officials or just pray to God that He will bring justice to the child in His time?

I have a very adamant attitude when it comes to violations especially those that are crime-related. I do not want to be a bystander while a violation is going on right before my eyes. Same way that I do not give in to peer pressure even if it means I am the odd man out from the group because everyone else is doing it.

I worked in the BPO industry here in the Philippines as a communications assistant to the deaf and mute community in America for almost 2 years. I could still very well remember my first day of training. After our first session we had our breaks. I was astonished to see myself having my snacks at the food lounge all by myself and one elderly co-trainee. I wondered where all the other co-trainees have gone – they were all outside the building smoking cigarettes. Yes, out of 20 trainees only 2 of us are non smokers and are fine with it.

Many were heavy drinkers but I refused to take part in any after-work drinking sessions during broad daylight. Thus, I was jokingly tagged by my peers as an ingrate, an outcast. But I am fine with it and I really can live like an outcast. I love being different, anyway. 😉

I have my own ideals and principles and I defend them when it is necessary. Especially now that I have been saved and a Christian by faith. For I believe how the anomaly per se was done is not really important but by giving in to what is not right, it becomes disobedience – denying God’s presence in that situation by allowing someone to sin and stumble instead of rebuking or helping the other person be saved and worse when we, ourselves, fall into the trap that the enemy has set before us. This is the greatest anomaly one can commit – causing the others to stumble because of our own failure to stand true to our faith.

It is not just easy though to stand firm against the many who would want to see us sway in. The idea of compromising their “fun,” breaking traditions, putting a close relationship with someone at risk and a whole lot of other cases are what we will encounter when tests of faith come. Situations will call us to react in either an unGodly manner or display a Christlike attitude.

I cannot claim that there is not a day that passes by that I do not sin. In fact, with utmost humility, I claim that I sin every single day, big or small. As much as I want to blame myself, but because I was already brought to the LIGHT, I already know that the reason why it was easier to sin than to do good was because of man’s fallen nature. We may be living in a curse that our forefathers have brought upon us, and yet the Cross says, we were declared free from that bondage.

It is a fallen world that we live in, thus, falling along with the world may seem too inevitable. But God made it possible to overcome everything through His son, Jesus Christ, who overcame the world that not even death can conquer Him. This will be our guiding force to not keep on sinning – for it symbolizes the love that God has for us and our love for God.

So the next time they ask you to drink more than what you can take in, and smoke a couple of puffs, or try some “cool” stuff, I know you know better how to answer. 🙂


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